The Jacket

The Jacket

This multi-functional and fashionable dog owner jacket contains the following 15+ pockets and features.









































And this makes this jacket so unique...

Leash Holder

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Leash     Quickly attach and        
     detach the leash via
     push button.  









Foldable Treat Pocket


      Smart foldable pocket
      for treats.
      It includes a washable 
      inside pocket.                  








Whistle Holder

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Whistle      Easy to access pocket
      for whistle, including a
      D-ring to attach the    








Holder for Ball Launcher

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Ball-Launcher     The perfect holder for
      the popular ball








Wastebag Dispenser

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Waste-Bag-Dispenser      Smart inside pocket for
      wastebags. An outlet
      can dispense the bags.








Big Back Pocket

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Big-Back-Pocket     The pocket is made for
      your dog's toys like a
      frisbee, ball etc.   








Back Pocket with Zipper

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Back-Pocket-Zipper      Additional pocket with
      zipper for waterbottle or









Smartphone Pocket

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Smartphone      Breastpocket with zip
      per keeps your smart
      phone close to you. It
      includes an inner outlet
      for the earphones.   






Earphone Outlet

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Earphone-Outlet      This smart outlet pro-
      tects your earphones.
      There is also an addi-
      tional loop at the neck
      to stabilize the earpho-
      nes and make them
      hang loose.






Drink Holder

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Cupholder     This special pocket 
     keep your coffee mug
     or a bottle in position
     while having your
     hands free.Via velcro
     the holder can be sim-
     ply re-attached to the





Intermediate Pockets

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Mid-Pockets      These two pockets are
      perfectly designed for
      your flashlight and your
      energy- or chocolate
      bar. Depending on the
      clothes size it may keep
      your sunglasses as well






Standard Pockets

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Pockets     Two standard pockets
     with zippers can contain
     anything you want, e.g.
     your hands :)   








Inside Pockets

BOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Inside-Pocket-LeftBOLI-MUNICH-Dog-Owner-Jacket-Function-Inside-Pocket-Right      Three inside po-
      ckets can con-
      tain your wallet,
      keys, sunglas-
      ses etc.




Furthermore this jacket offers a hood with a screen and cord stoppers plus cord stoppers at the hip.